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Loudeye Delivers More Digital Music Worldwide Thanks to StorageTek's Information Lifecycle Management Solutions


Digital Media Solutions Provider Manages Archive of More than 4.5 Million Digital Music Files

LOUISVILLE, Colo., /PRNewswire/ -- In response to the growing demand for digital music services and stores from consumer brand companies, wireless operators, service providers, media and entertainment companies and online retailers, Loudeye Corp. (Nasdaq: LOUD), the worldwide leader in business-to-business digital media solutions, looked to maximize the speed, efficiency, volume and capacity of its digital media processing, management and distribution services.

With the help of information lifecycle management solutions from StorageTek(R) (Storage Technology Corporation, NYSE: STK), the leading provider of enterprise information lifecycle management, Loudeye has migrated its entire archive of digital music to an optimized online system, and as a result, can provide instant and automated processing of digital media files in any format or size to its customers around the world.

Loudeye provides complete turnkey digital music stores for more than 35 customers in 15 countries. Loudeye's media operations center houses the world's largest commercial archive of digital music stored in uncompressed .WAV format. To date, the company has delivered tens of millions of digital media files and more than one billion music clips to customers worldwide.

As more companies from around the world seek to create and launch digital music experiences for their customers, they increasingly rely on Loudeye's digital media operations center and global digital media infrastructure to support their media businesses. In order to achieve worldwide scalability, Loudeye requires a storage solution and strategy that can manage high volumes of audio and video content to meet the needs of its rapidly growing customer base.

Using StorageTek's vast portfolio of information lifecycle management solutions, which manages information from its creation until its deletion on the most cost effective and appropriate storage media available, Loudeye has added more than 200 terabytes of storage, enabling real-time encoding and pushing the company's total aggregate storage capacity to nearly one petabyte.

Additionally, since certain aspects of Loudeye's archive have varying technical requirements for storage, management and protection, StorageTek is able to keep the most current and popular music files highly accessible on its disk solutions while housing older, less popular content across offline machines. Further, using five of StorageTek's D280 high-end, enterprise- class, full 2Gb Fibre Channel storage systems, Loudeye has been able to efficiently deliver content to its global partners, helping them come to market quickly in the rapidly evolving digital media marketplace. In addition to StorageTek's disk solutions, Loudeye also leverages three StorageTek PowderHorn(R) tape libraries for near-line access of archived audio files, data backup and disaster recovery.

"Companies seeking to participate in the burgeoning digital music marketplace demand access to an end-to-end global digital media platform that enables them to quickly launch a compelling consumer offering," said Joe Baldini, vice president of IT at Loudeye. "StorageTek's information lifecycle management solutions have helped us expand and grow without having to constantly re-invest in our storage solutions. By creating storage tiers, StorageTek's solutions have helped us create a utility model for storage, allowing us to focus on expanding our business and enhancing the performance of our existing digital music infrastructure."

"With this announcement, information lifecycle management pioneer StorageTek is clearly demonstrating that its information lifecycle management solutions are here today, viable and installable, and not simply a blueprint or roadmap for the future," said Ed Broderick, principal business analyst with the Robert Frances Group based in Westport, Conn. "Considering the massive amounts of storage involved, StorageTek is also proving that it is a force to be reckoned with in the storage industry and that it has the products and solutions that scale very well in the high capacity/high performance IT marketplace."

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