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New ".MUSIC" Domain Names Released to the World Wide Web (


".MUSIC" domain names are now completely free. Why be a ".COM" when you can be a ".MUSIC

Texas (PRWEB) -- Building on the growing success of their Internet Communities dotWORLDS is now giving away all their "Personality" domain names - including the new and extremely popular ".music" - completely free, to encourage more users to come aboard. Other totally free domain names available are ".cool", ".sexy", .genius and many more. To get yours, simply visit and select the "Personality" Radio Button for the complete list

dotWORLDS spam-free email is also coming on line enabling dotWORLDS domain owners to communicate both with each other and the outside world. At last, "britney" really can email "billy", and tell him where he's going wrong, and the possibilities are endless. Crucially however, the system has been designed to ensure that outside world of spam will not be able to reach any dotWORLDS domains. dotWORLDS looks now to be the only true spam-free system around

Billy, who has had a bit of a rough time playing live to the local parachute club at 10,000 feet (and 9000 feet and 8000 feet etc etc) cleverly took Britney's advice. Soon after, "billy", became "billy". Now, he and his 23 piece set of stainless steel cutlery can be seen performing in the most prestigious venues around the world (and thankfully, much, much closer to the ground).

So, get with the programme and you too could have a bank account the size of Idaho and a fan club to match. Go to today, join with the growing band of converts and get there FIRST!

dotWORLDS Ltd is a UK company based in London that specializes in providing fully personalized internet domains and email addresses, offering the widest range, both free and paid, through its global infrastructure. Please see website for full details.


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