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PacificRip Launched CD-to-MP3 Digital Music Conversion Service Saving Consumers Time and Technical Burden -- Quick, Affordable, User-Friendly Service Digitizes and Catalogs Personal Music Collections


PacificRip annouces its company launch as the first CD-to-MP3 digital music conversion service available in San Francisco.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) -- Today PacificRip™, a premier CD-to-MP3 digital music conversion service, announced the company’s launch in the San Francisco Bay Area. is a service that converts CD collections into MP3s for people without the time or the technology to do it themselves. Starting immediately, consumers can go to and follow simple steps to have their CDs converted to digital music files. At the site, consumers can opt to have converted files returned on DVD or CD-R. Additionally, external hard drive and digital music player loading is available. Gift certificates, external hard drives and digital music players can be purchased at the site.

A common dilemma among consumers who like to enjoy their music “on the go” is being able to get their music onto any of today’s latest and greatest listening devices – iPods, Rios, other digital music players. While paying to download MP3s from legitimate music sites has become popular, this method of accessing music does not address consumers’ need to convert their own, personal CD archives to MP3s.

PacificRip solves this issue by making it easy and affordable for consumers to tap into their music libraries anywhere – ultimately, enabling consumers to get more listening pleasure out of their CD collections. For the cost of downloading a single song from a music site, PacificRip customers can get a full CD of superior sounding music loaded onto their personal music player.

“Technology has drastically changed the music game. Music collections that took years to build can now fit on tiny portable devices like the iPod, giving people access to their entire collection anywhere and everywhere they go. The problem is that many consumers don’t have the time or technical know-how to get their music onto these slick players,” said Erik Johnson, PacificRip’s founder.

CD conversion is a time-consuming and technically demanding process. Attempting to digitize and properly catalog music libraries can take weeks or even months.

“Realistically, ‘ripping’ and converting a single CD can take anywhere from eight to fifteen minutes. So, converting a two- or three-hundred CD collection can take forty to fifty hours -- and that’s assuming that someone is consistently ‘babysitting’ the process,” said Johnson. “Plus, ensuring proper formatting and cataloging requires even more time and technical aptitude, not to mention equipment. PacificRip wants to take the burden off consumers so they can enjoy all of their music on any audio device quickly and easily.”

Technical highlights of PacificRip’s service include:
• Highest quality rips and MP3 encoding using LAME V3.95
• Latest ID3V tagging, providing Artist, Album, Song, Genre and Year information for every track which enables consumers to find their favorite tracks and build custom playlists quickly and easily
• Tag-checking against multiple databases ensuring consistent and accurate labeling
• 224kbps MP3 for superior sound compared to standard 128 kbps
• MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, FLAC and WMA Lossless encoding are available
• Option to have digital libraries burned to DVD or CD-R
• Plug N’ Play external hard drive option

Music appreciators looking to be tipped off to new music or to rediscover old favorites can check out PacficRip’s picks on the site’s “Spins” section. There, visitors can read reviews of new albums. There is even a “Local Spotlight” featuring hot new albums by Bay Area bands.

PacificRip is the first CD-to-MP3 digital music conversion service to launch in San Francisco. While PacificRip’s service extends nationwide, it offers free pick-up and delivery in San Francisco.

Founded in the Spring of 2004, PacificRip is a San Francisco-based company specializing in CD-to-MP3 conversion services for music listening consumers in any industry or walk-of-life imaginable. PacificRip provides the highest quality CD conversion and digital music library creation available, while delivering superior value and customer service. The company’s partners include Slim Devices and Western Digital. PacificRip encourages the responsible use of music, supports all copyright laws and does not support “sharing” music via P2P networks. PacificRip genuinely loves music and wants to help consumers gain wider access to their own personal music collections anywhere, anytime. -- 1.888.RIP.DISC


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