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Sharing Music, Saving Lives: New Age Composer GRUNDMAN to donate all album profits from his uniquely emotive U.S. solo debut to DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS


Ground-breaking artist plans to utilize free MP3 downloads, file copying, and profit sharing of his new album “We Are The Forthcoming Past – Take Care of It” – released June 1st -- to promote Non Profit Music and to benefit the association that enables doctors to assist individuals with medical needs around the world regardless of race, religion, politics or gender.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) -- Can music make a difference in the world? With artists such as world-renowned New Age/Classical composer Grundman there is no question. “Making Music, Saving Lives,” is the underlying theme of his forthcoming June 1, 2004 U.S. release, which underscores his unique approach to using music as a healing tool. By offering free MP3 downloads, allowing file copying & sharing of his new album, and even donating all profits to Doctors Without Borders (Spain), Grundman intends to change the tune of the business of music.

Grundman, born in Madrid, has always been involved in music. His early musical career included singing, composing and keyboard playing for various power pop groups in Spain, such as Fahrenheit 451. Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, Grundman’s musical tastes evolved, as did his passionate personal mission to use music to better the world.

An all around innovator, Grundman employs unique methods for gathering proceeds by taking the new media approach of sharing music (and profits) to a whole new level. For example, while most benefit albums donate a portion of their proceeds to charity, Grundman’s label – Non Profit Music ( – donates 100% of the profits of his new album – “We Are the Forthcoming Past, Take Care of It” – to the Spanish branch of the organization called “Doctors Without Borders” (

Grundman makes his music available for non-profit use via downloading from his website ( and allowing copying of his CD, as noted on the back cover. In doing so, he inspires people to further spread the word about, and voluntarily make a financial donation to, Doctors Without Borders. By embracing this technology and turning the negative reputation of MP3s and music sharing on its ear, Grundman has increased both awareness of Doctors Without Borders and his own CD sales.

When asked if this approach has hurt his CD sales in any way, Grundman replied, “The majors are against sharing because they say they lose sales…to be exact, this is just the opposite of what happened to me; after listening, sharing and downloading, people not only bought my albums, but made donations to DWB, too.”

Grundman adds, “Many people hear about solidarity in the news or in film. Most of them think they cannot help anybody with the life they have, but nothing could be farther from reality. Every one of us can be useful in building a better world.”

The new album will be released through Only New Age Music / Non Profit Music ( in the U.S. on June 1, 2004, and is being managed by Suzanne Doucet ( or tel: 323.851.3355). Distribution will be provided by Burnside for Record Retail, and by New Leaf for the New Age Book & Gift Store markets.


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