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MP3 News Simplifies Audio Streaming to Websites and Emails

3/11/04 launches powerful Internet marketing tool that makes publishing streaming audio a snap.

DALLAS, TX (PRWEB) –- launches to provide hassle free audio streaming for websites and email. uses industry standard Macromedia Flash technology to provide streaming audio and recording services to website owners and email marketers. Loved by current users for its easy-to-use interface and "Audio on your website in 3 minutes" mantra, it’s quickly becoming the place to go to bring your website and emails to life.

Subscribers may record using their telephones, the BYOAudio WebRecorder, by uploading an existing WAV or MP3 files, or by choosing from a database of 700+ voice talents who will record your audio messages for a fee. Audios can be managed through the website or using the intuitive telephone based Media Center.

Company President Randy Dryburgh said, "We partnered with industry veteran BYOBroadcast to leverage their skills in telephony with our customer-centric design philosophy. What we came up with is the most powerful streaming audio tool on the Internet that’s so easy to use, even my mom could use it."

Recorded audios may be as long as 60-minutes and subscribers can even build "playlists" that string multiple audios together to build virtually unlimited length audio presentations. Many customers regularly record their conference calls for streaming back over their websites.

"In just one week, we have several hundred subscribers generating thousands of audio recordings for their websites and emails,” said Jeff Valentine, Executive Vice-President of BYOBroadcast, "people were just waiting for an easy to use, credible solution to fill the void, and we’ve done it." also provides unlimited testimonial lines, where customers can call and leave their feedback on products or services. Customer testimonials can then be streamed individually or integrated easily into playlists as part of a larger audio presentation. offers a 7-day $1 trial with a money-back guarantee.

BYOBroadcast is the leading provider of integrated telephone and web communications technology. Since 1999, over 100 companies worldwide have used BYOBroadcast’s Anywhere AudioTM service to bridge the gap between traditional telephone applications and web services.

For more information, please visit or contact Larry Altman, Corporate Communications, at


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