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A Real Drummer for Your GarageBand


Drums On Demand Debuts Live, Acoustic Drum Loop Collection for Apple's GarageBand and SoundTrack.

(PRWEB) -- To meet the growing need for quality music loops for GarageBand among songwriters and recordists, Drums On Demand has released its popular Vol. 1 loop CD in Apple Loops format. The collection includes nearly 900 live, acoustic drum loops organized into 41 easy-to-use “Song Sets” — all designed to help you quickly put together a drum track that sounds like you hired a pro session drummer in a high-end studio. MP3 examples of all 41 Song Sets are available at

What makes Drums On Demand different from other drum loop CDs is its song-based organization system, creative live drumming and plug-and-play mix. Each Song Set includes as many as 33 verse, chorus, fill, bridge, break, intro, ending and other loops, ranging from one to eight measures in length. Simply find the master verse or chorus loop that fits your song and use the other loops and segments in the Song Set to quickly build a drum track that feels and sounds like a live session drummer playing a real song -- because that’s exactly what it is.

A wide selection of styles and BPMs, combined with GarageBand’s tempo-matching capabilities, makes the royalty-free Drums On Demand CD a highly versatile tool for songwriting and multimedia production. Or you can quickly make great backing tracks for guitar jams.

Mixed with an ear for punch and musicality, the loops were tracked into 24-bit Pro Tools with top-of-the-line microphones and mixed down using high-end compression and processing. The result is the fastest, most flexible way to create a live-sounding, high-quality drum performance for your project. Suggested Retail Price: $49.95 (U.S)

(Apple, GarageBand and SoundTrack are trade names of Apple Computers.)

Backgrounder: The Drums On Demand Team

Todd Sorensen is an accomplished session drummer and percussionist as well as a composer and producer. His playing and writing can be heard everyday on shows like NBC's The Today Show, ABC’s Good Morning America and more. He also composes for TV, radio and album production. His work has been featured in film trailers for such blockbusters as Tomb Raider 2, X Men 2 and Spiderman.

Guy Randle has been engineering and producing full time since 1977 when he founded Rosewood Recording Company. With more than 25 years of experience behind the board, his track record includes projects ranging from major label artists to independent albums with total unit sales in the millions.

Quint Randle has made a career out of making life simpler for working musicians and songwriters. He founded Gig Magazine in 1986 and his book, Making Money Making Music, is available at bookstores nationwide. He has also written for a variety of music industry publications such as Mix Magazine. The Drums on Demand concept and organization system grew out of his own songwriting and production work because other drum CDs were lacking.


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