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Infoble’s Personal, Portable Audio Delivery of News and Information Proves to be Powerful Tool for Businesses, Individuals Across the Globe


Infoble lets you get the latest breaking news and important messages you need delivered in audible format directly to your cell phone, laptop, PDA or MP3 player NOW!

(PRWEB) -- Infoble ( is changing the way the world connects with the world’s first audible delivery of the latest breaking news and insider corporate information that today’s busy executives need to succeed. Fully customizable, Infoble lets users choose the news they want to hear, and decide exactly when they want to hear it, then delivers it directly to a designated cell phone, laptop, PDA or MP3 player at designated times.

Infoble users can hear the latest financial news from any country, get up-to-the-minute sports updates from around-the-world, check the weather across the globe, even get their company’s most important messages delivered in audible format, giving businesses worldwide the unique opportunity to deliver custom tailored audio messages to employees or investors.

Now businesses can discuss product roll-outs, debut press releases, even update important sales information via their very own Infoble Channel – all without demanding that listeners be gathered in the same place at the same time, drastically reducing travel costs, long distance bills and employee downtime while increasing communications and productivity. And, using Infoble, companies worldwide can now benefit from hearing the competition’s press release as it is debuts, get Gartner reports and pertinent information from industry publications all in Infoble’s unique, easy-to-comprehend standards-based audible format.

Created to bridge the gap that exists between news and information delivery and our increasingly mobile planet, Infoble effectively turns any PDA, cell phone, laptop or MP3 Player into a powerful news and information delivery system. Because Infoble allows businesses and individuals to actually pick and customize their own news Channels and to deliver important informative audio files to others, users can save valuable time and money.

Pair this with the fact that Infoble delivers the latest news and office updates in any accent – American, British, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, etc., and it’s easy to see why this revolutionary news and information delivery system is taking the global market by storm!

“We’re very proud of Infoble and after years of hard work, we know we have perfected a new and exciting way to deliver important news and information,” explains Kumar Ramachandran, Infoble Founder and CEO. “Not only is our technology effective and far-reaching, it’s backed by unsurpassed customer support and it is remarkably easy to use and takes just minutes to set up.”

Users simply select the Infoble Channel they want to listen to then customize the Channel to their very own personal taste – choosing from sports and up-to-the-minute news in the Middle East to astronomy and weather, or their company’s very own latest news and developments via customized audio capsules.

Fully personalized and portable, Infoble remains committed to providing cost- effective solutions that meet the needs of its growing global audience and has set up a dedicated, audible translation BPO center in India, and is recruiting news and information readers in every popular accent, all for delivery through its offshore center.

About Infoble (

The future of news and information delivery, Infoble keeps even the busiest executive connected to events across the globe, as well as office going-ons back home. Fully customizable, Infoble lets users choose the breaking news or office information and developments they want to hear, and decide exactly when they want to hear it, then delivers it directly to a designated cell phone, laptop, PDA or MP3 player at designated times. By delivering customized news and corporate information in a standards-based audible format, Infoble saves valuable time and money, while promoting effective communications and unique marketing opportunities for businesses worldwide. Infoble also offers one-of-a-kind opportunities for freelance writers to showcase their writing talents to a global audience, further increasing exposure and revenue opportunities.
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