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My Sound Works and Pixel Bridge Launch Website


New Site Allows Customers to Learn, Shop & Buy Products that Connect Your Stereo to Your Digital Playlist

Dover, NH (PRWEB) -- My Sound Works LLC - a manufacturer and distributor of electronic devices that support music lovers in making the most of their MP3 files, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and LPs – recently launched a new website to promote its products. Working with Pixel Bridge Inc, a leading web development firm in Boston, the company is addressing one of the biggest complaints among enthusiasts: how to transition music from old to new media, and how to listen to all of their music on their best available equipment, instead of simply the speakers that are connected to where the music is stored, like a computer.

“To put it mildly, we are thrilled to be getting the word out about our products,” says Rosemary Tator, President of My Sound Works. “Finally, your music can be ‘device independent’. No longer will you need to ‘re-purchase’ those old favorites simply to listen to them on your MP3 or CD Player, nor will you have to burn CDs just to listen to your digital music on your high quality stereo speakers.”

Indeed, the computer revolution over the past decade has had a tremendous effect on the music industry. According to NPD Intelect, sales of digital music players are up 67% this year to 3.1 million, with 7.2 million units expected to move in 2007. But getting all of your music transferred from cassettes and LPs to a digital format has been expensive and problematic. My Sound Works has solved that problem.

Conversely, computer users have been forced to listen to their digitally-stored music using inadequate speakers connected to their PCs and Macs. My Sound Works devices let them easily connect to high-end speakers and systems while using the computer as the playing device.

“Our customers rave about the value and ease-of-use of our products. There’s no turning back – the digital music revolution is here, and with the My Sound Works evolutionary solutions, you really can take it with you”, says Ms. Tator.

A comprehensive, ecommerce website was earmarked as a “must-have” since the company was first conceived. According to Jupiter Research, U.S. online retail sales totaled $52 billion in 2003. Leading analysts estimate that between 5% and 8% of those purchases are consumer-electronics related.

“The My Sound Works community is computer savvy, and the organization realized a sophisticated online presence was mandatory to serve this constituency effectively,” says Scott Stephens, President of Pixel Bridge Inc. “The Internet channel is the singular most important medium for reaching the My Sound Works audience. We’re looking forward to helping the organization capitalize on this rapidly growing market opportunity by employing leading-edge online marketing and sales techniques.”

About My Sound Works

My Sound Works LLC offers a family of products that bridge the gap between digitally-stored music, CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, and vinyl LPs. Our PC AudioWire line of products work with the analog stereo systems of today, and, we’re introducing a digital and WiFi line later this month. While others supply the music content, computers and players, we bring it all together with products that further enhance the users’ listening experience. We’re committed to providing solutions to bridge the ever-widening technology-gap in the rapidly growing music field. The company is headquartered in Dover, NH. More information is available at

About Pixel Bridge Inc.

Pixel Bridge Inc is a specialty provider of Internet-centric business solutions. The firm helps clients use the Internet to improve marketing, sales, and operations by leveraging a service delivery model that combines strategy, technology, and creative expertise. Headquartered in Boston, Pixel Bridge provides solutions to small and mid-sized organizations as well as business units of Fortune 1000 companies, including Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) and ITW (NYSE: ITW). For more information contact Pixel Bridge at 617-542-5587 or visit


Edith Duncan
Pixel Bridge Inc.
Tel: 617- 542-5587

Rosemary Tator
My Sound Works LLC
Tel: 888-532-2163

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