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Internet Download Lands Kids Singing in Oscar Buzz Film


James Sheridan's hot new movie, "In America" found it's patriotic theme on the internet, as a free .mp3 download.

Sunnyvale, TX (PRWEB) -- When Bob Singleton's kids studio singing group gathered to record the "Star Spangled Banner" in his studio, they thought they were just preparing to sing at an NBA game.

Instead, the group's recording became an anthem for the tragedy of 9/11 and eventually, a featured track in James Sheridan's new movie, "In America."

"It's a really hard song to sing, so we recorded it to make sure we were doing everything right," said the Grammy-nominated producer.

The singing group with a rotating membership of kids, known as "TNK - The Neighbor Kids," went on to perform at the Mavericks/Rockets game, and a Dallas Sidekicks game. They continue to perform the song at other events, such as the recent Fire-Rescue International Convention at the Dallas Convention Center in August, while recording vocals for kids albums and commercials.

After the events of September 11, 2001, Mr. Singleton posted the recorded version of the song as a free download on his website ( It caught the attention of the production crew for James Sheridan's feature film, "In America," when the movie started post-production in Dublin. The producers contacted Mr. Singleton, the former music director for Barney & Friends, to get permission to use the recording in their movie. Contracts and technical arrangements were quickly worked out, and the song was included in the final edit.

"It's a great privilege to be included in the work of such a talented and respected filmaker, especially under such unusual circumstances," says Mr. Singleton

The kids who made the original recording have gone on to high school and college, but new kids are constantly being brought into the recording group, as older ones move on. The group on the movie soundtrack includes Charity Bramer and Cheryl Sarles of Garland, Sarah Allen of Mesquite, and recent "American Idol" semi-finalist, Olivia Mojica from Royse City.

Writer/director Sheridan's recent effort was the first movie filmed in New York after 9/11. His movies (The Boxer, My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father and others) have garnered 15 Academy Award nominations. The movie is a very personal effort, co-written by Sheridan and his 2 daughters with a semi-autobiographical storyline. The PG-13 film is described as an emotional and uplifting look at an immigrant family experience in New York, through the eyes of a child.

Reviews have been very good, including Oscar mentions and making Gene Shalit's (of "The Today Show") top-10 list for the year.


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