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Software burns 200 songs on a CD or 1000 songs on a DVD


New software allows you to burn 200 songs on a CD or 1000 on a DVD. Program satisfies a new niche.

(Acoustica Inc., Yosemite, CA) - Acoustica, Inc. on Wednesday released Acoustica MP3 CD Burner version 3.0 capable of burning 1000 songs on a DVD or 200 songs on a CD. Compared to a traditional audio CD, this allows for 10 times the normal number of songs. "You rarely get sick of a CD with the equivalent of 10 to 100 albums of music. Labels aren't selling MP3 CDs, so the only way you can get an MP3 CD is to burn one," Acoustica Chief Executive Officer Joseph Clarke said. Many manufacturers such as IRiver, Sony, TDK and Panasonic have special MP3 CD players that play these types of CDs, in addition to traditional audio CDs. There is a huge, mostly untapped market for software targeted to create MP3 CDs. Many new DVD players playback MP3 CDs as well. The software will preserve the song order on an MP3 CD, which generic burning software can not do. This is important for audio books or order-sensitive albums.

The software automatically converts files to a format compatible with your MP3 CD player. For example, if your MP3 CD player does not support Microsoft's WMA format, it will automatically convert the WMA files to MP3 on your new CD. If your MP3 CD player does not support variable bit rate (VBR) files, it can be set up to convert them to constant bit rate (CBR) files.

Other features include CD ripping, music library management, incomplete song notification, normalization, fading between tracks and silence trimming. It will import your downloaded music or allow you to copy your CDs to your hard drive.

Version 3.0 allows for a convenient way to back up your music onto CD or DVD to protect against data loss.

Acoustica MP3 CD Burner requires Win95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP and at least a 400 Mhz Pentium-II and a CD or DVD burner.


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